Full Service Design

Good design resonates both with the creative vision of the designer as well as the authenticity of those whose lives will unfold in the home.

Tobi says: “I am most inspired by clients who are on the path of a reflective, enlightened life and who really want a home that will support them on that journey. I love to design homes that foster personal growth and connection and that function as not only a sanctuary for the residents but a training ground for their innovative and entrepreneurial ideas.

“My designs are infused with color and bold combinations of fabric patterns, and my favorite furniture styles are very classic and tailored. I’ve often been categorized as a New Traditional designer, yet my more recent projects have been inflected with a bit more glamour.”

The investment for Tobi Fairley’s service involves a flat design fee in conjunction with a furnishings budget. We’d love  to hear from you ! Fill out the client questionnaire  and a member of our team will get in touch with you shortly.


Since establishing her design firm more than a decade ago, Tobi’s projects have spanned the nation, and her award-winning designs for high-profile and celebrity clients have been featured on television, and in top-shelf shelter publications around the globe.
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